Horscht`s Plattenkiste

Bei Konzerten ist immer eine Plattenkiste mit eben diesen
unten aufgeführten Scheiben und dem Shutcombo Merchandise dabei.
Also hier über den Inhalt informieren und beim Konzert kaufen...
Keine Gewähr auf Vollständigkeit, Liste wird sporadisch aktualisiert.
Mit ner E-Mail könnt ihr sie euch auch sichern, verschickt werden aber keine.

Shutcombo Merch


Treadmill / Matlockfreeway (split)
Falling Sickness / Nobodys (split)
Grown Apart - Crack in the Mirror
Tigerbeat - s/t
Scared of chaka / The Traitors (split)
Boop - S/t
Suger Bombs - Punkrockbitch again...
Riot on Soundflat Strip (sampler)
Downcast - S/t
Radon - s/t
Division of Laura Lee / Impel (split)
Yum Yum Tree - I Know who i am
All chrome - s/t
Linsay - s/t
Backseat bastards - fuel injected
Deadlock - these guys try...


Fragment - Angels Never Came
Guilt Further - s/t
Mayday - Staplegun
Falling Sickness / Dysentery (split)
Ascension - The Years of fire
The Exploder - The west and Kids...


Bluebrint - s/t
Armstrongs secret nine - The Corpse...
Hundred Reasons- Ideas Above...
Sharpeville - At the Late Hours
Bombshell - s/t
Car Vs. Driver - out of a silence sky
Meadowlark - Slave one
Foundation - s/t
The Trouble - obody laughts anymore
Blocko - s/t
Ionesco - The triptych session
The 101 - Green Street
Haste - The Mercury Lift
Landscape - Positive Punk Power
Ann Beretta - bitter tongues
Brambilla - neun
Four Corners - An international Diy...
Colt - Marek
Catastrophic -the Cleansing
Griver / the Exploder (Split)
Robotnicka / Divide+Conqer (split)
Railhed - tarantella<
Falling Sickness - Because the World...
Enkindel - some Assemply...
Overcast - fight ambition to Kill
Juggling Jugulars - nohting is finished
Gantz - Disco 2004
25 Ta Life - fallen Angel
Donots - PocketRock
Amalgamation - left in ruins
Raum 101 - s/t
Until the End - Blood in The Ink
Silentmajority - life of a Spectator
HawnayTroof - get up...
House of Suffering - s/t
Lash Out - Waht Absence Yields
The Kossabone Red - Concurrent
Lash Out - The darkest hour
Clean Slate -saltish
Siren - Becoming Wheels
Durango95 - destroy.fuck you
Jason/Radikalkur (split)
Forstella Ford - dismal state of the art